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About Me

So I told myself one Day…


So… I finally did my blog. Welcome!

You will probably have some questions:

Who are you?

My name is Rodrigo Rodríguez, also known as PlushMisterplush or even like in spanish: Peluche, I am mexican. I graduated as a Computer Science Engineer at Tecnológico de Monterrey. I also am a Digital Invader, and I’ve done some stuff as an artist.

I mainly do web design and development, sometimes I do design in general, and illustration. I am trying to break into the entertainment industry as a 2d or 3d artist.

In one moment of my life had my own company, and also I was working at a company for almost one year in Mexico City. Nowadays I’m working on my own, but I am considering working at another company, even making another one.

I have this domain for a while, and for that time I wanted this to be my personal blog, even though I had no idea how to fill that blog, until today.

Why did you make this blog?

One of my great passions is the art, not precisely the one you find at museums, but the ones involving the concept of a videogame or a movie. Characters, 3d models, landscapes, visual effects, all that and more. I love the process that takes to make this masterpieces of today, and obviously, checking out the final product.

Another hobbies include design and music, most of the time they also involve some of the other media I like.

I am constantly looking for share my taste and findings with others, and this can be more open than, say, only share it with my Facebook contacts. If I can help someone to get inspired or become fanatic to something he previously didn’t know, I would be very glad.

Besides, being web developer / designer, doing this proyects of my own helps me to work with my own limits. I don’t upload it until I feel it’s perfect.

Why 'Plush'?

One morning I arrived at elementary school with a badly buttoned-up sweater. A friend saw me and said “you look like a plush toy”. Kids can have a weird imagination sometimes. But that was suddenly my nickname. The time went by, people still knew my by that nickname, even sometimes didn’t remember my actual name, so I started to use it as my nickname at the internet. It had some changes over the course of time to make it sound better. 

What's that weird language you use in some of your posts?

That is spanish, my first language (I’m mexican). I decided to write my blog mainly in english since it’s the main language over the internet (for now) and I wanted to be more accesible to the public. Most of the post will be focused on multimedia anyways, so I will try to be more direct with my text. But sometimes there will be some stuff that I’d like to write it on both languages, mainly personal stuff or opinion. You don’t have to worry about the posts and I’ll even try to make a link to the other language post in case you misclick the posts.

I have a question, suggestion, or just want to say 'hi'. Is there a way to contact you?

For now you can contact me in any of my accounts that you find at the top of the page. I’ll try to make some sort of contact form or mail focused on this site.