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Pixar’s ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and photorealism

Pixar’s ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and photorealism

I watched Monsters University yesterday, and I really loved the movie. But maybe it’s just me but I haven’t seen many comments for the short film that Pixar features before the actual movie. I am going to be honest, I always thought about it as it was totally computer generated, but still doubted since it looks real, yet gorgeous. There was also the theory that was a combination of real footage with CGI.

Searching  for the answer, I came up with this interview by The Verge with Saschka Unseld, Director of the short, and he actually answers it on the first question:

Yeah. The Blue Umbrella was all animated. There is no bit of live action anywhere in the film.

It’s a pretty interesting interview that you should give it a look.

Director Saschka Unseld discusses Pixar, photorealism, and the making of ‘The Blue Umbrella’ via The Verge.

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  • Luperrock

    Damn! I had the exact same question, I still cannot believe it is pure CGI