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[UPDATE] Scoring Closed. Threadless design ‘Draconian’: Now up for Score!

[UPDATE] Scoring Closed. Threadless design ‘Draconian’: Now up for Score!

Threadless is a huge web community and store for t-shirts fans and designers. They create products based on the designs of the users, while they get paid for that. Every now and then they create some themed contest for their products, and now I have submitted my first design ever for a tee shirt. I named it Draconian because why not.

You can vote for it HERE.

If you like it please vote for it, I’d be very happy if you do.


Update: The Scoring is now Closed. It was a very nice experience. As of today I’m not sure if the design was elected or already was rejected. But something I am sure is that, even if the score doesn’t look too high, it looks like that it is slightly above the average of the bunch, and getting a score near 3 it’s something really high. Also, from what I was reading, it has plenty scores and comments, and from what I read, that also helps them decide. At the end, Threadless jury is the one choosing, so it lays on their hands now.

I think it went great for my first try, I thanked everyone that took the time to comment it and score it. I hope it’s not the last time I upload a design for a contest, since I enjoy a lot this kind of sites that I am hoping that maybe, one day, I could get at least one design of mine over there.


I am Rod Rodriguez, also known as Plush, and I own this blog. I make web design and development, but I want to break into the entertainment industry as an artist. If you want to know more about me, click HERE.